Donald Scully

Donald Scully

Donald Scully grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been producing music since 2003. While he has a natural ear for songs and structure, heavily utilized in pre-production for bands, in 2009, he decided to take his recordings and productions up a notch and enrolled in Ex'pression College for Digital Arts where he recieved a Bachelor Degree in Sound Arts in 2012, heavily focused in Music Production and Engineer areas of the recording process. There he recieved his certifications in Avid (then, Digi Design) Pro Tools, and Apple Logic Pro.

In 2012, Donald worked at The Panda Studios in Fremont under Billboard Engineer, Sam Pura, recieving engineer credits, 2nd engineer credits, and mastering credits on albums and singles with The Story So Far, State Champs, Misser, To The Wind, Hit the Lights, Me vs. Hero, and many more.

In 2013, he opened up his first recording studio in San Jose in an office park 2 blocks from San Jose State University. It was Small and Cozy, but it was home. He built a 5' by 4' Vocal Booth in the corner of the control room, and when one vocalist was getting ready to record, he said "Alright, I'll enter the Voice Box". It was this moment, the Voice Box Recordings was born. 

After 6 months in San Jose, he moved operation to Hayward, where he got to work out of his element entering the RnB/Gospel/Soul world with the likes of Sylvester Burke and Skyler Jett (the Bodyguard Soundtrack), Grady Harris, Carl Wheeler (Destiny's Child), Mark Yandris and Tommy Brown, engaging in projects that hit the Christian Itunes Charts, ranking as high as #3 with Mark Yandris's "A Sound for God's House".

in October 2014, The Voice Box Recordings was moved to Concord, CA where it currently still resides, in order to provide more space, more availability, and higher quality to his clients. Keeping his versatility, he continues to work regularly with all genres from Punk, Pop Punk, and Hardcore, to Metal, RnB, Acoustic Song writers, and Gospel.