The Voice Box Recordings All-Purpose Recording Studio service based in Concord, CA
For artists who wish to record closer to San Francisco, I have teamed up with Room 5 in SF to provide recording services there as well.

Who has worked with The Voice Box?

5 Days Dirty - band/artist
9G Records - record label/EDM
Adversa - band/artist

Akai Sky - band/artist
A Week Away - band/artist
Chains - band/artist
Coming In Clear - band/artist
CSTLBLCK - band/artist
DJ Switchblade/Dead Funk - producer/DJ
G Hare Productions - producer
The Golden Hour - band/artist

Kristine Carlson - author
Mark Yandris - songwriter/producer
Muopia Records - record label/EDM
Oh My Heart - band/artist
Phoenix Ash - band/artist
Realms of Vision - band/artist
Red Glare -  band/artist
Rossmoor - band/artist
Susie Gamboa - singer/songwriter/artist
Shlum - hiphop/artist
Skyler Jett - producer/songwriter
Steadfast - band/artist
That Guy Lie - rapper/artist
U.S. Light Brigade - band/artist
Wild 94.9 "The JV Show with Rico and Selena" - morning radio show